Admetus – In Top Ten Coolest Apollo Apps

May 8th, 2007

As you might noticed,

Stan Schroeder from posted a list of top ten coolest Apollo applications, I am very happy to say that my Admetus – application for finding and downloading Flickr images in high resolution also made it to the list!

Thanks Stan! DV4.0 Server

4 Responses to “Admetus – In Top Ten Coolest Apollo Apps”

  1. Maz Says:

    Your application is really cool and useful… nice polished skin also.
    It would be really cool to control the folder where the pics are downloaded ;
    What are the disabled buttons in the bottom-left ? how to enable these ?


  2. Paulius Uza Says:

    Hey Maz,

    Thanks for comments!

    The buttons are disabled because current public version of Apollo runtime does not let user choose a folder using system dialogs.

    This will be fixed in the Apollo public beta later this summer, and Admetus will be also updated to let users customize the download folder.

  3. Armida Piening Says:

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  4. koizumi motonori Says: