MAX 2010: 3D in Flash, AIR for Android and TVs, Controller Support!

October 25th, 2010

Day one of Adobe MAX 2010 announcements brought some pretty amazing things, and the conference is just getting started!

3D support in Flash

First of, the most important announcement in my mind, full 3D support in Flash Player. While there’s no details about the technology itself, we have seen Kevin Lynch demo a 3D racing game which looked nowhere far from stunning and the processor was hovering around 0-1% of CPU. This is HUGE! With the current adoption rate of Flash Player (73% in 3 months) it will be the most popular 3D gaming platform once released to the wild, surpassing Unity3D and other smaller competitors in no time.

Game Controller Support

This is epic as well – Kevin Lynch demoed controlling a game running inside a browser using mouse and then switching to a steering wheel and a PS3/XBOX type controller. By itself it means that Flash will finally be able to use a whole new range of game controller devices. However I think that this might be a hint to a whole bigger announcement Adobe could make in the next few days – PS3 support? Xbox? Who knows… ;)

AIR for Android and TVs

AIR for Android SDK is now publicly available for download. Any developer building an app in AIR can now package their app for sale in the Android Market. Also it is now possible to build an app for Google TV, which runs Android. Adobe blog has more info.

Stage Video

Native performance for video running inside Flash on tabled devices, mobiles and desktop. Again, awesome!

You can experience MAX conference streaming live using new Flash Player P2P technology:

Let’s see what day 2 of MAX 2010 brings us! DV4.0 Server

3 Responses to “MAX 2010: 3D in Flash, AIR for Android and TVs, Controller Support!”

  1. Nathan Says:

    This is awesome on so many levels. It opens a whole new world of of possibilities to explore!

    Can’t wait!

  2. derek knox Says:

    I watched the keynote and I was definitely more impressed than I though I was going to be. I want more details about the improved 3D in flash. I believe Lynch said currently 3D models/scenes in flash can run with a few thousand triangles at 30 hertz. But the FP version he was running, he said could handle million(s) of triangles at 60 hertz. That is HUGE! You’ll be able to support complex models in 3D space to interact with. The whole reason 3D isn’t big on the web is that complex models take up too much memory/resources. Can’t wait, hope it is in FP 11!

  3. Jonathan Dumaine Says:

    Very interesting. I had put my eggs in Unity3D’s basket since they own Flash on the performance level. I’m really hoping that this next version of Flash Player will have significant performance boosts (and multithreading, I’m really hoping for that too :0).