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Incubator News Roundup (Molehill)

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

NOTE: this post was last updated with new links on March 9, 2011

New and truly revolutionary versions of Flash Player and Adobe AIR named “Incubator” (formerly Molehill APIs) were made available on Adobe Labs. To those who are unfamiliar with the new release, it features hardware accelerated 3D graphics support.

As Adobe puts it: “The Adobe® AIR® and Adobe Flash® Player Incubator is a technology preview program for more adventurous developers who are willing to experiment with Flash Platform runtime features that are in early development stages.”

New Incubator builds of Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR available here:
Download Incubator Builds and check Wiki

If you are keen on exploring 3D capabilities right away, you can use one of the pre-release versions of the popular 3D frameworks that also announced Incubator support. To see a list of all features that are included in the Incubator builds, check out this post.

3D frameworks supporting Molehill:

Here are some LIVE demos:

(make sure you have Flash Player Incubator installed first)

Added on March 9:

Added on March 8:

Added on Feb 27:

Videos (only new stuff):

Just Source Code:

Tutorials and Articles:

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