Incubator News Roundup (Molehill)

February 27th, 2011

NOTE: this post was last updated with new links on March 9, 2011

New and truly revolutionary versions of Flash Player and Adobe AIR named “Incubator” (formerly Molehill APIs) were made available on Adobe Labs. To those who are unfamiliar with the new release, it features hardware accelerated 3D graphics support.

As Adobe puts it: “The Adobe® AIR® and Adobe Flash® Player Incubator is a technology preview program for more adventurous developers who are willing to experiment with Flash Platform runtime features that are in early development stages.”

New Incubator builds of Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR available here:
Download Incubator Builds and check Wiki

If you are keen on exploring 3D capabilities right away, you can use one of the pre-release versions of the popular 3D frameworks that also announced Incubator support. To see a list of all features that are included in the Incubator builds, check out this post.

3D frameworks supporting Molehill:

Here are some LIVE demos:

(make sure you have Flash Player Incubator installed first)

Added on March 9:

Added on March 8:

Added on Feb 27:

Videos (only new stuff):

Just Source Code:

Tutorials and Articles:

Related News:

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52 Responses to “Incubator News Roundup (Molehill)”

  1. zproxy Says:

    I wonder when can I get flash 11 on my android 2.2 device :)

  2. Paulius Uza Says:

    Stay tuned, Adobe is currently working on adding Molehill support to mobile devices using OpenGL ES2

  3. Warren Says:

    Have a look at our demo here:

  4. Paulius Uza Says:

    Warren, we already have you in the list :) Awesome demo!

  5. Warren Says:

    Oh, right, missed it :) Keep crawling the web for new demos!

  6. Flash Player 11 / Molehill Monster Link Round-up | Photon Storm Says:

    [...] and there’s a nice round-up of Molehill demos and articles over on Uza’s blog [...]

  7. Tinic Says:

    One more:

    2D Sprite Sheets with Molehill:

  8. Ryan Speets Says:

    Thanks for compiling this list of demos, so I don’t have to! Also, thanks for including mine :)

  9. Paulius Uza Says:

    @Tinic thanks!
    @Ryan no problem!

    Please leave a comment if you find any cool demos that are not mentioned here!

  10. Anton Volkov Says:

  11. Anton Volkov Says:

    oops :)

  12. Paulius Uza Says:

    @Anton – I was checking your website every 10minutes to see when you will upload a link to your demo :)

  13. Anton Volkov Says:

    Please, add Alternativa3D 8 into “Frameworks supporting Molehill” section (

  14. George Profenza Says:

    I wrote a quick article on how to setup Away3D 4.0 and the examples: HTH!

  15. Paulius Uza Says:

    @George – thanks, added to the list

  16. George Profenza Says:

    @Paulius Thank you! I’ve linked to your blog from our post( since it has very comprehensive list of resources. Well done!

  17. Paulius Uza Says:

    @George – Thanks for the link!

  18. focus Says:

    Simple Bunnyhill (Upcoming 2D rendering engine based on the Molehil API) Demos

    HxSL (shader language for haXe)

  19. focus Says:

    Quickstart for Molehill and Away3D

  20. focus Says:

    Video: See What Flash Can do with the Molehill 3D API

  21. Paulius Uza Says:

    @focus – thanks for the links

  22. Evan Miller Says:

    Really simple, barebones, per-polygon distance fog tutorial.

  23. focus Says:

    Using Flash 3D API in haXe

  24. focus Says:

    Converting wii game to Molehill (Video Interview With Mandreel):

  25. Paulius Uza Says:

    @focus – thanks again, great links

  26. Evan Miller Says:

    Here we go, much improved distance fog shader:

  27. The Source For Experimental Media » Blog Archive » FlashPlayer 11: Molehill 3D API Says:

    [...] this on yesterday.  Also Watch a bunch more videos at and link over to Uza’s Blog for more info on all the 3D engines using Molehill and a ton of interactive [...]

  28. Thonbo Says:

  29. Smily Says:

    Here’s one I made with the help of for the fog and for the actual triangle generation: :)

  30. focus Says:

    One more away3d + jiglib Demo

  31. Evan Miller Says:

    New day, new tutorial. This time it is a Vertex Lighting shader (+ the fog from before)

  32. 12 Says:

    Full Quake 3 demo here :

    Alchemy + Molehill inside.

  33. focus Says:

    5000 Arrows:

  34. Evan Miller Says:

    Two primers on AGAL:

  35. Evan Miller Says:

    Faster vertex lighting with transformations done on the GPU

  36. Molehill on your lunch break – take a 30 min tour | Gregs Ramblings Says:

    [...] Paulius Uza has a great list of molehill demos at [...]

  37. devu Says:

    The best collection of Molehill stuff so far.

  38. Evan Miller Says:

    GPU Bloom demo:

    No tutorial for it yet.

  39. Jay Says:

    Please fix this post. It makes look the name of the player version is Incubator but that’s not the case, incubator is the name of the developer program, it’s just another word for “alpha”(program).

  40. Paulius Uza Says:

    Adobe Flash® Player Incubator is an end product in itself and it’s outside the ordinary release cycle of Flash Player, therefore it would be fair to say that Incubator is just a product name, rather than synonym for “alpha” or “beta”.

  41. Molehill on your lunch break – take a 30 min tour (Adobe Flash Platform Blog) Says:

    [...] Paulius Uza has a great list of molehill demos at [...]

  42. Inear Says:

    Great list! Thanks for mentioning my demo!

  43. Molehill – the holy grail of flash game development? | TribePlay Chengdu Blog Says:

    [...] Check also this post out, Uza is providing a helpful roundup on Molehill news, with lots of demos, videos and background [...]

  44. Adobe Labs Special Meeting – How You Can Make Apps Easily | How To Make A App - Mobile Applications Says:

    [...] > Great list of Molehill demos – > > Another great list of Molehill demos – > Great [...]

  45. reelfernandes Says:

    500 image Animated Bitmap Collection with Away3D & Molehill

  46. Andre Says:

    Can you add my blog?



  47. hasinur Says:

    please add this to the list:

    if browser does not have the incubator flash plugin installed, content will be rendered through FP 10 drawing API.
    Basically Alive3d is a full featured 3d engine for Flash Player 10 and recently we have started integrating Molehill.

  48. Peter Strømberg Says:

    More Examples…

  49. inear Says:

    It’s so much we have to learn to master 3D. Check out this tutorial/presentation I made about 3D basics for flash developers to get a deeper understanding in true 3D.

  50. GameCamp 2011 (#gc4) | Citystate Says:

    [...] And there’s a growing list of demos here. [...]

  51. Stumbling on a Molehill » GSDH Advertising agency | Design illustration animation Corporate Design Flashprogrammer Logodesign Says:

    [...] More information here: [...]

  52. strony oświęcim Says:

    any news and tutorials on new FP11 beta?