Snipppet for Windows 8

November 2nd, 2012

Hello, it’s been a while :)

I would like to introduce Snipppet app for Windows 8. Snipppet is an powerful source code snippet management application optimized for touchscreen devices (tablets and ultrabooks). I have plans of porting it to Linux and OSX.


  • Code highlighting for 24 programming languages
  • 10 professional color themes
  • Beautiful touch-optimized user interface
  • Instant-save feature (saves code as you type)
  • One-click publishing to online services like Gist

Check it out: DV4.0 Server

One Response to “Snipppet for Windows 8”

  1. Burgiking Says:

    Really nice snippet manager. Looks really clean and works simply or simply works.

    Just a few requests to make it perfect for me:
    1. C and C++ syntax highlighting
    2. Backup system to txt files or some archiv’able format
    3. Search functionality

    congrats on nice piece of software