Last updated on: 2009-02-18
Version: 1.0

AS3 Scale9 Bitmap


AS3 Scale9 Bitmap is helper class that lets you create scale9 sprites with bitmap data fill – originally this was not possible in Flash 9. The helper class creates a “fake” scale 9 sprite containing 9 shapes that scale according to user-defined scaling matrix. Extremely useful for user interface work (creating buttons, scalable UI elements etc.).


  • Scale9SimpleStateButton – class for creating resizing 1, 3 or 3 state buttons from bitmap data (skins);
  • Scale9SimpleBitmapSprite – class for creating static resizing UI elements from bitmap data (skins);
  • Example code (Flex Builder 3 project);


Actionscript 3

Demonstration 1:

Scale9SimpleStateButton (top left), Scale9SimpleBitmapSprite (top right) and original skin files (bottom row)

Demonstration 2:

UI elements created from a stylesheet using AS3 Scale9 Bitmap class, see this blog post for details.

Example Syntax:

var scale9_example:Rectangle = new Rectangle(6,6,105,20);

/* Initialize the button with all 3 states (normal, hover, down) using 3 different bitmaps */
var button_example:Scale9SimpleStateButton = new Scale9SimpleStateButton(

* Scale the button using “width” and “scaleY” properties
* (in general you can use “width”, “height”, “scaleY”, “scaleX” properties for scaling)

button_example.width = 300;
button_example.scaleY = 2;

Latest version
Download link (48Kb)

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  6. Martijn Says:

    Seems very usefull, but as a newbie I cant get it to work. Getting the error :

    TypeError: Error #1007: Instantiation attempted on a non-constructor.
    at AS3Scale9Bitmap()

    Is it posible to provide a working fla file?


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  15. TheoryNine Says:

    I will say that scale9 covers the vast majority of needs, but I personally have ran into plenty of graphics that need a little more complex of a system. I’ve created the scale25 class for these situations. You can check it out here: Scale 25

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